IO3: Community platform

The project foresees the development of a web community platform aimed at becoming a landmark for the community of teachers, headmasters, training experts and ICT experts for the ongoing updating of strategies, innovative tools and methodologies in order to keep steady pace with the technological progress and the center environments’ needs. Furthermore, the project foresees the development of an online repository of formative and informative resources developed during the former intellectual output’s activities. All the resources will take the form of OER (Open Educational Resources), during the activity O1.A9, and will be available online, on the platform, freely, according to the Erasmus Plus Programme, and under the respect of the intellectual rights.

The main objective of this intellectual output is to develop a virtual environment which allows teachers and centers to be interconnected, even at the end of the project, in order to ensure a continuous peer – learning process, based on the exchange of information and best practices. Furthermore, this platform will be opened to new users, both of the project partners and both of new centers all over the Europe that wish to put up digitization strategies, following the methodology proposed in the project.


  • O2.A1 identification of the areas of interest;
  • O2.A2 structure and characteristics of the community;
  • O2.A3 community implementation;
  • O2.A4 identification of resources and best practices;
  • O2.A5 community promotion.

The target group of the community, consisting in its own users, includes teachers, headmasters, training experts, ICT experts, lab technicians, school secretary officer.

IO3.A3 Technical guidelines EN

IO3.A3 Technical guidelines final ES

IO3.A3 Technical guidelines final DE

IO3.A3 Technical guidelines final IT