GANYMED exploratory meeting – Start thinking to digitize elderly people world

On the 30th of March of 2021 the exploratory meeting of Geragogy ANd Young MEDia – GANYMED create innovative learning pathways through geragogy (science of education in old age), took place in an online video-call due to the COVID-19 emergency. 

The meeting was organised and managed in an excellent and productive way thank to the great organisation of the coordinator (KIT) of the project and the cooperation of all 4 partners from different European countries (Italy, Germany and Spain) with different backgrounds and expertise. 

Ganymed has as main goal to help older people in using technologies. Specially, to keep in touch with their loved ones.

This meeting was organized to know better each other in the following months the coordinator will set the date for realizing the KOM.

In conclusion, the project coordinator explained that the next steps will be essential to start the implementation of the project. Also, the coordinator (KIT) explained how important it is to start thinking about the possible training realities for older people in the respective partner countries.

This will be one of the topics of discussion for the kick of meeting in July.

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