GANYMED The 2nd Webinar: Storytelling for teaching Technology to Elderly People

On the 27th October 2022, was held the second webinar of the GANYMED Project – Geragogy ANd Young MEDia (project number: 2020-1-DE01-KA226-HE-005745). 

The GANYMED project offers a training for teachers to prepare seniors for the competent use of digital media and to let them take part in the digital communication world of our society. 

On this second webinar the attendees had the opportunity to know better how the project learning methodology works through the storytelling and how it will be implemented in the e-learning platform, watching an example through the first GANYMED video. One of the best ways to learn is the experience itself, which its sensations can also be reach through the storytelling. That’s why GANYMED project uses this methodology on elderly people, to offer a better and more efficient learning experience. 

Following this line, on this webinar the participants were able to see an experience of a project staff explaining what a online bank is and also seeing her reaction about it before and after she watches the first GANYMED storytelling video. 

If you couldn’t participate, don’t worry! All the webinars will be uploaded in the project Youtube channel 

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