GANYMED – A project focused on implement digitalization actions to help elderly people in their daily routine

On the 16th of December, the first face-to-face meeting of GANYMED project took place in Yecla, Spain.
GANYMED – Geragogy ANd Young MEDia (project number: 2020-1-DE01-KA226-HE-005745) is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, KA2 – Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness. The project is carried out thanks to the cooperation of 5 partners from different European country: Spain, Italy and Germany. They are characterized by different backgrounds and expertises and this aspect make the consortium so relevant.

GANYMED project has as the main goal to help 70+ people in using common technologies, such as, smartphones and laptops and all the Apps that allow them to communicate with other people: audio messages, video calls, IoT technologies, and so on. Another aspect that the project put in lights is that, there are no so many teachers that’s are expert on how to teach digitalization aspects to elderly people. For this reason GANYMED consortium is working on analyzing the current educational system and on the realization of contents to train teachers in the field of digital media communication, using geragogy science (science of education in the third age).

The 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Yecla, hosted by CETEM, the Spanish partner, has been organized and managed in an excellent and productive way.

During the meeting, KIT, leader of the first project results of the project showed the research carried out by the university specialized in the geragogy field. Then, KIT showed also the cases studies collected from the three different countries of the consortium: Italy, Germany and Spain regarding the topic of the project.
After that PH University presented the second results of the project and all the steps that have to be implemented in the nexts months.
Indeed all the partners will start to develop contents to enrich the teaching methods and working with members of generation 70+ in all the different countries in EU.

All the materials made by the consortium will be accessible thanks to the online platform that it’ll be settled by INERCIA DIGITAL, expert in the digital field.

In the upcoming months also CEIPES, will set a series of webinar to spread the content realized during the lifetime of the project and also to arise awareness on geragogy theme. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the managerial part, to the dissemination results and to those of Quality assurance.

Partners will meet again in July 2022 in Palermo.

Please to know more about the project follow the website of the project and its social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.